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Enjoy amazing landscapes and the best adventure sports thanks to the incredible mountain shapes of the area, the nobility and the quality of La Noguera Pallaresa river. A magical place to practice outdoor activities.

Come and visit us, you will repeat!
Aiguadicció is located in Rialp, following Noguera Pallaresa river course. Rialp is a town of the Pallars Sobirà region.
Not only can we find the only National Park of Catalonia in Pallars Sobirà, but also we have the largest lake of the Pyrinees; Certascan, and the highest peak of Catalonia; Pica d’Estats.
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Avd. Flora Cadena,55 / Rialp - 25594 - Lleida
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Tel. 973 621 417 / Tel. 625 498 497
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